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YES our purpose is to help your employees remain happy, healthy, wealthy and wise. 
To do this we deliver services in two areas: financial and personal wellbeing.

What we deliver

Financial wellbeing

Voluntary Insurance Schemes

  • Voluntary life insurance option for employees.
  • Convenient insurance consultations for employees’ individual insurance needs.
  • Easy to understand life insurance cover. 
  • Simple financial products that employees will value - especially those who may not be able to get cover on their own.
  • Minimum administrative input and potentially no cost to the employer.  

Compulsory Insurance Schemes

These can deliver specified benefits to employees. Premiums are paid by the company. The benefit to the employee of the compulsory insurance scheme is that this insurance then forms part of the competitive remuneration and benefits policy of your organisation.


Life Insurance Cover

The foundation elements of cover, whether through voluntary or compulsory schemes, are as follows: life, medical, trauma, income protection and mortgage loan repayment.

  • Life 
    Essential cover for anyone with a family, business or financial commitments that could be put at risk in the event of their death. Pays a lump sum on death, assisting those left behind. 
  • Medical
    A health policy can smooth the way through challenging times. Your employees will get the highly qualified attention they need quickly and easily. No waiting lists. With appropriate health cover, instead of having to wait for procedures and being distracted while working until their medical condition can be treated, employees will be back at work sooner.
  •  Critical Illness Cover (Trauma)
    Helps guard against financial hardship should your employee suffer one of a specified number of critical conditions, such as cancer and heart attack. Pays a lump sum – ideal for covering immediate expenses or mortgage. 
  • Income Protection
    This guards your employees’ greatest asset – their power to earn. The benefit is a monthly payment if they cannot work due to sickness or injury. An essential protection if your employee’s partner or family depends on their income. 
  • Mortgage Loan Repayment
    Pays your employee’s regular loan payment if they can’t work due to illness or injury.


Personal wellbeing

  • Access to range of wellness services provided through partner organisations.
  • Employee assistance programs (EAP).Tailored programmes and structured processes created and put in place to assist, council, guide and encourage your workers. They include but are not limited to:
    1. Trauma and Crisis Support
    2. Organisational Change
    3. Career Services
    4. Supervision and Coaching
    5. Workplace Training
    6. Workplace Relationship Dynamics 

HR Resources

Access to a comprehensive 'toolkit' of human resources materials. A practical set of HR documents and processes to optimise your employer-employee relationships.

How we deliver

Our Products and services can (based on your organisations requirements):

  • Be integrated into your company intranet.
  • Be totally hands-off for management.
  • Be voluntary or compulsory.
  • Provide personalised advice to those employees who would prefer or require individual assessment. 
  • Allow for payment to be made directly from the employee to the product provider (in the case of voluntary life insurance only).
  • Deliver the opportunity for your company to be the facilitator of the service without in any way guaranteeing or endorsing the services. 
  • Provide advice and products only after a market tender process to ascertain which services are best and appropriate for your employees.

Our partner, the SHARE network of nationwide advisers can meet your employees at a time and place that fits with their schedule, making it as simple as possible for employees to identify appropriate individual cover. Both James Sheridan and Cathy Drew are SHARE advisers and will be available to assist.