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Employee Wellness programmes (which incorporate employee assistance programmes) can have a significant influence on your employees’ productivity, quality of work, attendance and on employee retention rates.


Stop personal problems becoming personnel issues

By addressing your employees’ personal needs, you can foster a healthier work environment. Far from being a paternalistic ploy, Employee Wellness can, among many things help your employees develop coping skills, accept a greater degree of personal responsibility, and help resolve individual, marital, family and job performance problems. All of which helps make sure that you, your organisation and your employees all achieve their goals.


Focus on better performance

Employee Wellness professionals help employees deal effectively with change and stress in their personal and work lives. This frees up your managers, supervisors and human resource staff to focus on their key deliverable – work performance.


Get started with Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness programmes can cost next-to-nothing to implement. More comprehensive programmes, tailored to specific goals, are also on offer.

YES will collaborate with you to structure comprehensive Employee Wellness programmes that meet your organisation’s needs and expectations.

YES can work with your stakeholders to create culturally-sensitive Employee Wellness programmes.

YES, combined financial and Employee Wellbeing programmes can now be delivered in New Zealand with the benefits detailed below.


Five potential Employee Wellness benefits

Workplace wellness makes good business sense, since it is established that investing in employee health can reduce absenteeism, improve job satisfaction and productivity and enhance corporate image.*¹


1. Increase productivity 

Many employees have ‘personal’ problems. The work perfomance of those employees may be significantly reduced, costing companies a significant portion of payroll.
To add to this, employees with problems often disrupt others. The effects of one employee’s problems on their co-workers’ productivity can be considerable, although difficult to measure.


2. Build competitive advantage

Stress reduction helps your employees be more courteous, creative and concentrate for longer. This provides you a potential significant productivity advantage over your competitors.


3. Reduce absenteeism 

"In New Zealand's tight labour market, it's clearly common sense to invest in the health and wellbeing of your employees," says Judi Clements, Chief Executive of the Mental Health Foundation. "Wellbeing programmes can reduce absenteeism”.*²


4. Limit turnover 

Only a small percentage of employment terminations are due to poor employee performance. Personal factors account for more employment terminations.

Employee Wellness can help employees resolve their personal and interpersonal problems before termination becomes necessary – stopping your valuable important person from walking out your door.


5. Address serious issues 
Personal problems contribute significantly to tardiness, theft, arson and fraud.


Investing in Employee Wellness will reduce the stress of your workforce and protect your investment in your employees.


*¹International Journal of Workplace Health Management ISSN: 1753-8351 10.1108/17538351011031948 


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